El Salvador La Ilusion Bourbon

I’ve been enjoying something of a filter renaissance lately, giving my espresso a well deserved rest to enjoy the leisurely ritual and abundant flavour of brewed coffee.

Having thoroughly enjoyed La Ilusion at 3FE as espresso, I thought it high time I gave it a go in filter. Steve from HasBean rates it as a great espresso, but even better in filter. With the recent la ilusion espresso at 3FE – expectations were high indeed.

Flavours are often easier to discern and describe in filter and this was a great help with the la ilusion. The initial impression is fruity, but not the rich, bold strawberry and cherry notes to be found in the Shakiso natural – more light and citrusy. Fantastically sweet and bright, there is something quite refreshing about this coffee.

The mouthfeel seems pleasant, not overly substantial, keeping the experience light. The finish is almost fizzy, something which took me quite by surprise in 3FE. This imparts an unexpected “refreshing” quality to the la ilusion – something I rarely would use to describe coffee. The aftertaste is sweet and pleasant, but you will find yourself reaching for another sip, just to experience that effervescent finish once again.

A truly special coffee, worth trying.

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