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Around four years ago Se Gorman opened Brew Bar Cafe in Wellington Place, Belfast. It was ahead of its time, offering a bewildering array of brewing methods for a selection of different beans from the fantastic roasters HasBean. After trying my first syphon brewed coffee and talking to barista Luke about the process, I was hooked. For the same price of any acrid, poor quality coffee in Belfast you could have a cup of something truly refreshing brewed by someone who knew what they were doing. It was great. In fact I visited so regularly my wife began to refer to the cafe as “The creche” as it is where she would leave me while she attended her business about town.

Unfortunately Belfast wasn’t quite ready for great coffee four years ago. Wellington Place was right in the middle of BT1, where the lunch time crowd simply crave a cup of caffeinated black muck pronto and don’t really care how you make it or where it was grown. This lack of appreciation coupled with the undoubtedly high rates for operating in BT1 lead to Brew Bar Cafe closing up at the end of its pop-up lease. The experiment concluded and Belfast went back to being average at coffee once again. 

Around Christmas time last year things changed again for the better. Established Coffee opened its doors on Hill St. in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast. With attractive minimalist decor and a focus on quality coffee, Established brought back the attention to quality which was missing in Belfast since the Brew Bar Cafe closed its doors.

Available brew methods are Filter (Chemex, Aeropress) and Espresso based (Espresso, Latte, Americano etc.) They offer three single origin beans at any given time (to be brewed in any of the aforementioned methods) and they regularly rotate the beans on offer. Once a given bean is gone it’s gone, no matter how much you liked it. This really is something positive as it gives you a reason to keep coming back, to try something new.

Thankfully the reception for Established appears to be very positive in Belfast. The Cathedral Quarter is well suited to their business model and business has been booming so far.

If you’re looking for an excellent coffee in Belfast, I recommend you check this place out. If you don’t quite want to take my word on it, have a read at Coffee Northern Ireland’s thoughts on the matter.

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