J Atkinson & Co Archetype Espresso Blend

In preparation for the inevitable morning sluggishness which comes with a week of late shift (AMER working hours) I took the plunge and bought two kilos of J Atkinson & Co’s archetype espresso blend. Having previously been a huge fan of their Espresso Lusso, Archetype seemed the sensible choice being comprised of the same beans (minus the malabar).

Archetype mid pour

Archetype mid pour

The first thing which you notice with archetype is the smell. There’s a wonderful subtle aroma of almond and cocoa which wafts from the bag and fills the house when you switch on the grinder. Much like the espresso lusso blend this blend is pretty forgiving, not needing three or four pours and adjustments of half a grinder ring collar mark to hit the extraction sweet spot.

As espresso the blend tastes excellent, bold with dark chocolate and nut flavours, while not tasting too bitter. There is just the right hint of fruity acidity to give the blend balance, without tasting like someone sneaked in a teaspoon of citric acid as is often the case with harsher single origin espressos.

Where this blend really comes into its own however is in milk. The bold flavour punches through milk well, without harshness and the wonderful silky tan colour it brings to a latte is very enticing.

Whenever I’m looking for a good all-round espresso blend which I know will satisfy either as a straight shot or in a guest’s latte, Archetype is my go-to just as Espresso lusso was before it.

Link: http://www.thecoffeehopper.com/product/215/the-archetype.htm

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